Covid 19 Conducting seminar online

Sunday evenings 9:30pm London time

Free conducting seminars to pass on the work of Ilya Musin with whom I studied from 1991-95. Lessons take place on Sunday evenings at 22.00 UK time and last until bedtime (for me). We are working on technical problems of conducting music by Beethoven. Due to internet delay problems we conduct in silence and all conductors must know and imagine the music. Ilya Musin always said that its better to learn how to conduct 16 bars of a piece well than a whole symphony badly so we are working on short fragments. We are also inviting soloists in to the class to present concertos and discuss musical problems for the conductors.
Conductors and soloists who would like to take part should contact me by email.

Sunday September 6 Beethoven Overtures, Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto with Martin Fogel followed Beethoven Symphonies and Strauss Oboe Concerto.

Sunday September 13 Beethoven Overtures, Strauss Oboe Concerto with Jorge Uribe followed by more work on Beethoven Symphonies.

Sunday September 27 Beethoven Overtures, Rodrigo Concerto de Aranjuez with Francisco Correa followed Beethoven Symphonies.