Moniuszko's Opera ...........?
The next performance of a Moniuszko opera will take place in October 2019- watch this space for news

The Polish Opera in London POSK has, during the past 6 years performed Moniuszko's operas Verbum Nobile, Halka, Straszny Dwor, Hrabina, Parja and Flis. The project has involved over a hundred choral singers representing London-based Polish choirs Ave Verum, St Ignacious, Devonia and Volare, soloists Rafal Bartminski, Ania Jeruc, Agnieszka Adamczak, Tomasz Tracz, Maciej Komandera, Olga Maroszek, Violeta Gawara, Lukasz Biela, Marcin Gesla, Piotr Lempa and more. London-based dance groups Karolinka and Mazury, an East London Ballet School, opera repetiteurs Marek Ruszczynski and Wolfgang Fritsche, freelance UK based orchestral musicians, a whole team of makeup artists, costume designers and stage designers, stage Directors Richard Fawkes and Feliks Tarnawski conducted by Alexander Walker and Stephen Ellery.

Next year, celebrating Moniuszko's Bicentenary, the project conitinues with a really exciting and adventorous program so watch this space for dates and titles. Tickets will go on sale soon.
POSK Theatre, 238-246 King St, London W6 0RF