Covid 19 Music from around the world during Pandemic

La Propuesta

A song by Raul Coaquira originally composed for a film "El Cura Sin Cabeza" directed by Roger Escobar based on a story from Arequipa (Peru). The recording is ready and we are making the video now.

Due to the worldwide Coronavirus crisis parts of my site are dedicated to internet based musical projects including new recordings of music as well as preparation for future performances with musicians from all around the world.


Recorded in 2020 during the Coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak on location in Merida ( Mexico), Mexico City (Mexico), Sapporo (Japan), Warsaw (Poland), Krakow (Poland), Arequipa (Peru), New York (USA), London (UK). Film assembled and edited by Nepalese Film Director Acis Mahrje. Sound engineering by Raul Coaquira. Vocals Gina Osorno (, Ingrid Mapson, Juri Lavrentiev, Flute Lucia Seijas, Trumpet Gabriel Dias ( Fausto Velasquez, Congas Willy Meza, Guitar Raul Coaquira, Harp Irena Czubek Davidson, Violins Saki Uetsuhara (, Liz Melville, Nina Anto, Acis Mahrje, Viola Natalia Kondratevna, Cellos Lucas Muramoto, Marcin Malikowski Kei Obara, Nadia Golubeva, Nashelli Uribe, Dance Leonardo Maietto, Filming in Epping Forest Teresa Ellery.


To all young musicians planning to perform Bizet's Farandole from l'Arlesienne you will find the backing track and links to score here- Score and orchestral parts for Bizet's L'Arlesienne.

Here is the backing track. To record your part wear headphones and listening to the click track recording play your part on your instrument recording it into a mobile phone or other device and then send it to me by email. I have about 30 recordings ready and am plannng to prepare the video soon so if you have students who would like to play send me the files asap.